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Cool Behind enemy lines

Well I can tell you this was a tough mission. Advice. You can see the field of view of the Germans by left clicking on the soldier (red X). There field of view is larger than you think This helps you a lot because now can see what they can. So stay out of their view. Stay in the bushes and in the dark. Do not move in the bushes even in the light. Move in the dark and stay as undected as possible. Do not kill anyone this helps you avoid the ( my theory) phrase " we are leaving to much evidence etc,"
Stay out of the search lights and flares is a must. Use your sniper to shoot out a search light or two to help you advance up to the base. Uncover all the mines on the main road in three strips. Turn them over and make them yours by picking up and then replanting them on the road and exits and entrances to the road. Avoid the lighted area's. Hide when the German patrols approaches. Try to sneak up to the base and come in the back and kill a one of the mechanics closest to the back entrance. There are box of tank mines in a box opposite side of the back entrance near some field guns. Plant two mines in front of each of the tanks. Avoid the patrols and hide when necessary. Go slow and save a lot. If you hear that "leaving evidence behind" try reloading and avoid what you did before. Planting tank mines and dynamite the inventories of the motorized artillary guns and wheeled field guns is important. Try to leave the large wheeled artillery. These guns can help you advance up the left side. Definitely try to destroy the rocket launchers by planting dynamite in their inventories. Do not plant AP mines because this may set off the alarm. Hope this helps!
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