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Default FaceTracker suggestions

Facetracker, any one got it running good enough to play with out glitches.

I finally have enough cpu to run it, it does not cut out or lose my face, but...

I can't seem to get it to turn a bit to look front left and right with out getting sea sick, and it seems to take for ever to re_centered when I turn my head right back to look behind.

And even that, I actually have to turn my head almost sideways to my screen. It moves right in the GUI for FaceTracker, but in the game, it seems to either be too much, or not enough.
And when I look back, the virtual head also drops to look down.

If someone has the .ini that is working for them, I would like to copy that and try on my machine.


do the plots in the axis tuner mean that the movement will stop/pause/stutter once it gets to that point (i.e. 20 deg or 40 deg). I have been fiddling with it for a few days now, and have really made no progress in either the plotting of points, or if what I'm suggesting, (the points are pause markers), is what happens.

It's promising though. But even one point free track does not seem to be steady enough to play online with. I have tried and had it shutdown, or lock up.
I can't look left is the major issue with Free Track, no matter how bright the light, when I turn my head to the left, the camera loses the point or the device just won't turn that way. Can't tell because I am in game when it happens, I've seen the light fade and the device lose the point while tinkering with the GUI there to see what is happening. But there is no reason for it. It should happen when turning to the right as well.

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