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Good post. Years ago I put up a post on one of the forums titled "There are no uber planes, only uber pilots".

I am not a fan of Chuck Yeager personally, but he hit it on the head when he said something close to "The pilot with the most experience will always win no matter what he is flying.".

IL2 online WAS destroyed by those who wanted their aircraft to do their job for them, and they wanted it so badly the ones who could started hacking the sim and making "mods" to improve their favorite aircraft or it's weaponry.

I remember exactly the day when I jumped on the server of a well-known to this day Allied squad's server and they were running mods for their P-51s so their 50-cals hit like the best 20mm cannons in the sim, after that it was all downhill as one mod-pack after another came out and the online community was not only divided between mod and non-mod flyers, but between two or three different hacks different individuals put together.

In any establishment or organization or world, it is not going to be the intelligent honorable people who destroy it, it will be the immature, greedy ones who do, and that is exactly why there is no more large IL2 online community anymore, because the bad pilots put their desires ahead of the good of the community and sim.
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