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Default Online Dynamic Campaign with Script

Campaign contains 14 static missions chained from red airfield to blue. 6 of them are ground based, 8 of them are naval. campaigh starts by spawning tankers moving towards enemy airfield, if they encounter each other they spawn AA guns over them and start to fight until one side is killed and the next mission towards the defeated side is loaded, if one of the ships is destroyed before encountering enemy the other ship continues to progress. When the ships reach the coast, they disembark and continue as AA trucks, when the trucks reach enemy airfield, spawn points change and players can spawn enemy's aircrafts from captured airfield. if the aa trucks are destroyed, spawn points restore and campaign reverts 3 missions.

Scripts contain a code for destroying aircrafts on player leave, crashland or land with a timeout, also the code does not trigger if the player is still inside or another player entered this aircraft in the meantime. Also airborne left aircrafts are not destroyed but damaged. Player checks contain the server too so you can use it with steam lobby.

I have created new airfields for spawning parked in front of the runway, only two aircrafts spawn in front of the runway, if these points are full the other aircrafts spawn in a tight circle next to them.

FMB has a limit for min airfield radius which also defines the spawning locations for extra aircrafts when all points are full, i overrided it in notepad, if you edit the airfields in main mission dont forget to change these.

There's also a single player version of main mission for testing at 16x, ground war is totally random but you can interact with it with unlimited ammo to preview all the missions quickly.

Server briefing page does not refresh the spawn points after you select army, so if a base capture occurs change your army twice to see the updated spawn points on map to use enemy's airfield.

I've made this campaign to share my approach for dynamic mission loading, feel free to copy/manipulate it, with the same logic and a more tidy-flexible code, multiple dynamic frontlines can be created.

Extract the archive to "missions/Multi/Dogfight/" and launch main mission from dgw_iod_v1_X folder.
latest version: dgw_iod_v1_1(3aa_on_ships)
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