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Originally Posted by Ataros View Post
Just put the mission up on Repka #3.

Is it designed to run in cycle forever or we should reload it in some time?

- Errors on misload:
[11:10:55] System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: index and length should point to a position in a line
[11:10:55] Parameter name: length

- looks like guns do not spawn on ships. the ships just stand one in front of another and do not fight.
yes it is designed to run in cycle forever which will fail after approximately 2 trillion sub mission loads; also any manual mission load after battle init will result in script error.

i'll look into these errors, i havent tested it with the last version yet. loading a mission manually causes the campaign to stop progressing just like u described, it may be my mistake too, or a possible situation i havent noticed, for example spawning an object fails when there's a wreck on the spawn location, nd ships spawn many random objects when damaged, destroyed or broken into two, if i dont manually destroy those, they will simply hit those wrecks n stop or wont spawn at all, leading to a script error or preventing the campaign to progress, these may have been changed since last patch btw. Script behavior has also changed with the last patches, some of the things we try to do are already being done transparently right now, like removing the landed planes, also the last changelog says that it wont be possible to damage planes with incorrect damagenames, which is present in my code too, idk if this gives an error or continues to work silently without doing nothing. honestly all the reference i have when writing scripts is the names of the methods present in the game's dlls and the campaign's code as an example, i'm not sure if i'm using the right methods or coding with the right approach, somethings i try to do may be intended for a specific purpose or restricted or may lead to error when combined with another. it'll be much more clear and painless when we have a guide or documentation about scripting.

i also plan to change tanker+aa gun configuration with new battle ships that came with the last patch so they can defend themselves while moving and write a statistic collection method, possibly outputting to a text file for simplicity if possible, so we can save or upload those(the count of the aircrafts each side lost, current situation of the front line, etc) with a seperate program or even inside the script. This way in case of any script error or server restart, stats wont be lost and campaign can continue from where it was and users can view an online briefing web page prepared for the current situation of the frontline, check the stats nd so on, even we can downgrade the available aircraft models according to losses or maybe define a victory condition.
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