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To select an aircraft you need to first select a spawning field and to select a field you first need to select which team you will fly on:

1) Click on one of the two flag icons (UK flag for allied team, mixed German/Italian flag for axis team).

2) As soon as you do this, some of the airfields on the map will be marked with a second, white icon. This signifies the airfields that are usable in the mission and have spawn points assigned to them. Click on one of them.

3) After selecting an airfield you can click on the aircraft icon to see further options and in the subsequent screen you can also click on the aircraft name and bring up a selection menu. If it's possible to select more than one aircraft from that base your choices will appear in that menu, if not you'll just see the one aircraft type you had previously been assigned (this depends on how the mission is made in the FMB, it's the mission designer's choice which aircraft to allow on each base). Make your selection and backtrack through the menus (or setup your loadouts first), hit the "create button" and you'll spawn on the runway.

If after selecting an active airfield you want to go back to the previous step, just double click on an empty part of the map to deselect the airfield.
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