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Btw, where are the Horde and Vengeful abilities decided? I tried to port Vengeful Gorguls, but those two don't seem to work, and creatures like Graywolf and Viking Warrior already have them. And yes, I looked into their .atom files, but found nothing relevant yet.

Edit: Just found the horde, next is Vengeful. Still trying to get them to work though.

Edit 2: Wow, looks like both of them don't even work in WotN Ice and Fire to begin with. Any fix ideas?

Edit 3: I made Horde work correctly, Vengeful not so much (it doesn't work for Viking Warriors at least, btw).

Edit 4: I managed to correctly port Necro Lizardmen, Dwarves, Snow Elves (with Sorcerer's "Snow Elf" ability as well as Hardening and Snowstorm), Contemplators and Gorgons (with "Master of Snakes"'s exception). How could I port the certain abilities and talents I failed to port? Yotun's Greed and Boldness don't seem to work either (nor can I locate them).

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