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Default WM-21 virtual reconstruction and generic questions

Hi guys,

Sorry if you have seen this somewhere else already....anyway, Im trying to virtually reconstruct a Weiss-Manfred WM-21 biplane as detailed and high poly as the scarce reference allows.

I got all the reference I could gather from Hungarian collectors and authors, but I still need some help, basically to make some educated guesses since these line of planes come from licence-built Fokker CVs. So does IMAM Ro.1, and its obvious whoever designed the Letov S328, also had a look at the CV.
So my questions are:
1: Does any of you have good walkaround photos of the planes mentioned above ? (Ro.1, S328,Fokker CV,CVD,CVE) Please no googled walkarounds - been there done that for the last couple months I mean photos you took yourself.
2: Is anyone still here from the Avia/Letov project for Il-2 ?
3: This is just a generic question...I havent flown in like 6-8 years, cant even remember...what is the best if I want to give it a try again ? Is Il-2 still alive and kicking or ppl migrated to the follow-ups ?
4: Any of you know which Fokker is on this small picture ? The stick seems to be the one I need but I am unable to find a proper resolution

Thanks for any answer
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