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he also said the other planes were like balloons floating by, sounds like he had a very high end computer to render a entire formation of B-17's with no stuttering. Probably had 3dgunners=0.
I would guess the bombers off line are like real bombers, (except the few that try and dog fight you), and it was just leading the target, and flying off, leaving the balloons behind. And avoiding P-51's. Bombers on line make it hard to hit them by flopping around, but their gunners also can't get you too easy., and one bomber against a fighter if the fighter takes his time, is no contest.
I really wish that they would allow the QMB formation of four online, and let one guy flip between planes as they get damaged. Just three people flying bombers would be a impressive formation of 12.

Cheers, Do you fly on line as Jumoschwanz?

I'm il-2Crew online now, (much better name), & currently fly on the AleXserver, say hi if you are on there some time.
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