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This problem is caused by a math error made by the campaign builder in the [Schedule] section of the Berlin.db file. There are 70 points allocated to the Germans at the beginning of the campaign on 50314 that can be lost during the course of the campaign but there are 75 points deducted during the course of the campaign making it impossible to finish. Until you make changes to the Berlin.db file any campaign that utilizes the Berlin.db is going to fail to finish.

50314 70

Change the 70 to 90 and you may be able to continue the current career but if you can't it should keep the error from being generated in any future campaigns. This thread at the UBI forums from 2005 addresses the problem and fixes that will allow you to finish the campaign and one that should keep it from ever happening again.

DGen ("beep" sound) error with stock TA-152 campaign:
Originally Posted by Kuna15 @ UBI forums
I'm afraid that I can't post my status.dat anymore, but I still have DGenERROR.log so here it is:

============ eof ==============
===== missions/campaign/de/dgen_t_berlindoe0/Summary.dat =====
4 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
============ eof ==============
[Nov 25, 2005 9:10:50 PM] Mission: campaign/de/DGen_T_Berlindoe0/50427.mis is Playing
Mission found, reset
it is our Mission
ReadDB sorties:1
Cannot assign any towns to Germans, 0 points

DGen ("beep" sound) error with stock TA-152 campaign:
Originally Posted by vtrelut1964 @ UBI forums
Hello guys,

Another working fix is to edit the original Berlin.DB file with Notepad as follows:

50314 90
50315 -5
50320 0

In the schedule section, simply replace "70" by "90". That is all!

This fix will give more cities to the Germans at the beginning, and allow a more dynamic front line at the end of the campaign (the Germans lose a lot of cities), with more airfields transfers.

There is no bug at the end as well.



These two articles cover how DGen functions fairly well.

How to update DGEN Campaigns: (@ M4T)

DGen Studies: (@ SimHQ)

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