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Originally Posted by wheelsup_cavu View Post
The only thing that needs to be changed for now is the [Schedule] section of the Berlin db file.
I'm sorry to contradict you, Wheel, but I had the same error ("No Map in Mission File") even with 90 at the beginning of the [Schedule] section of the Berlin.db file.

I believe the problem is insoluble, as described in this answer (dated 12-21-2010, from the thread you find here):

" Crashing near the end of the Berlin campaign is quite common no matter which plane you fly. And it's more common flying the German side. I have flown the Berlin one a lot on both sides and about one third of my campaigns crash somewhere near the end. Usually in April 1945.

It's a bug in the DGEN files that nobody was ever able to ferret out, not even the guy that wrote the whole DGEN dynamic campaign program!! His name is Starshoy Kolosov and I remember writing to him about the crash at SimHQ over five years ago. Not really much can be done about it. Starshoy has been "MIA" for at least 4 years, he gave up on the whole affair it would seem.

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