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Default Cryostasis unseen enemies? Possible mod in the future?

Here I am again, asking yet another question but hold on tight :
I have discovered in the cryo files there are maybe 2-3 unused enemies.
the one that i tried to get in-game is the OfficerZombi
So to get these in-game, i had to replace a enemy (it was worth it)
and glory be, it worked. a brand new enemy in cryo.
it dies when you punch it a couple times, but it just stands there and stares at you and follows the camera like a sprite does in a 3d world (not creepy)
here is the enemy OfficerZombi:
(i am working on trying to figure out why it isnt animated, and remember there are 2 more unused enemies. this isnt the only one)

so my question is, are these enemies used at all in the game?!?!
and well, yes there is suppose to be another weapon
a DP27, the same weapon the OfficerZombi is holding

[EDIT] I got the Dp27 in (with animation!)

(i still have yet gotten the OfficerZombi animated)

I new enemy is in game!
And yes, it is indeed the OfficerZombi riding the Jailer

[this post will be edited when more progress has been done]

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