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Originally Posted by JG53Frankyboy View Post
i have purchased only 3 games that needed STEAM in my PC life
i had with all three proplems, 2 of them i could not install.

I would prefer not to be forced to use STEAM at least during the install, i have already preordered a DVD version
in general, i have nothing against STEAM, and i have no expereince with its "server browser" system.
and, for people who have no proplems with the programm, IF CoD will be avaialble via STEAM, it can be much more easy for them to purchase the game too !
I have similar experience from working at a web cafe for about three years. It wasn't garbage but it wasn't great either. In any case, my experience with it didn't convince me to choose Steam for any of my gaming purchases.

I have no problem with it as long as it works offline, i can bypass auto-updates in favor of manual patching, can roll back to a previous version and have multiple installs. The final verdict is a tie, since i know you can do the first two easily, but the third requires a complete copy of the game folder and the fourth is said to be impossible.

The main advantages in using Steam are word of mouth advertisement by people who have other Steam games (i don't even have all of my real-life friends in my starcraft2 contact list and don't own any Steam games, so i wouldn't qualify as exactly helpful in this regard, but others might) in favor of the development team, plus the ability to download and install the game in case of a damaged disc as far as direct benefits to the customer are concerned. Everything else is stuff that's welcome but i really don't care much about or have any real need/use for.

I think i'm going to get the sim anyway, but i definitely don't want to install through Steam and i really hope Steam is only there as a server browser and not much else for those of us who purchase a hard copy version.
Then i'm going to mouth off on Ubi's support forums with the entitlement of a paying customer every time a problem arises in the hopes of making it optional for the next expansion in the series.

Originally Posted by Sven View Post
If Steam would sell CoD that's great, with all the benefits for users and developer. It would please all who like Steam's environment. However, why do we need Steam in order to play while we have a splendid protection system from the sounds of it? Isn't that enough?

Options are always nice, I hope it just means: You need a steam account if you buy it through Steam ( logical) , as I do not see the direct need for it. Why hassle the community up with yet another requirement?

Originally Posted by Fearfactor View Post
I've been looking forward to this sim for years and been on this forum for a good while too but sad to say I won't buy this som now. I'll buy ROF instead even though it doesn't have much for oflline players. At least they eventually stopped the constant online requirement. Something Oleg and crew apparently did not learn a lesson from. I really don't play online so I don't want to even have a connection up when I play a game.
No luck mate, they only dropped it for scripted campaigns. Their dynamic campaign still needs to download each mission from the master server. As for what their new dynamic campaign will work like, i have no idea.

To be fair though, Steam is actually much less severe than RoF's system, you can play offline with Steam just fine.
It's just the fact that copy protection is already handled by Solidshield and that we'll be getting perfectly good boxed editions that gets me puzzled about why having to integrate it in the first place.

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