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Originally Posted by Fearfactor View Post
I've been looking forward to this sim for years and been on this forum for a good while too but sad to say I won't buy this som now. I'll buy ROF instead even though it doesn't have much for oflline players. At least they eventually stopped the constant online requirement. Something Oleg and crew apparently did not learn a lesson from. I really don't play online so I don't want to even have a connection up when I play a game.
I'm afraid you got that backwards - ROF still needs a constant connection to play the campaign, which will also apply to the coming overhauled campaign, while Steam has a pure offline mode. I've blocked Steam in the Firewall by default and it works just fine that way.

I can't really say I like Steam, as I don't consider the features it provides as substantial (auto-patching and re-downloading are nice but nothing I really need either). But I have to admit it works for me, looks like a solid piece of software that isn't very intrusive and mostly gets out of my way. As far as DRM goes it's about as much as I'm willing to accept - I'm still more worried about that SolidShield stuff because it's new and may have some drawbacks nobody's yet aware of.

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