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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
That would be just great since Steam would be OPTIONAL ...
That's true, of course. Maybe they didn't want to implement another online matchmaking system than Steam to safe time / resources. Afterall, nobody knows except Oleg and the rest of the team... But there definitely seems to be a trend when it comes to using Steamworks (forcing retail buyers to register the game on Steam), look at THQ. They just recently signed a contract with Valve, making all of their coming games being Steamwork titles.

What I don't really like is the thought of this game using Steam and the Solid Shield DRM. I'm pretty sure they have their reasons to do so, but afterall Steam performs pretty well as a DRM itself. Yes, of course games can be copied illegally on there too, but I doubt that Solid Shield is gonna be fully working, too. And how badly the gaming experience can turn out if two different systems (Steam and GFWL in this case) are used at once players of "Dawn of War II" and its' first expansion "Chaos Rising" might still remember...
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