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guys i don't know since i'm not a trucker but i think if you look at a trucker's schedule, i think its like this..

wake up, drive, eat some donuts and coffee, drive, eat lunch, drive, eat dinner (lots of beer), drive some more, masturbate, then sleep. wake up, clean the windshield, then drive, eat breakfast, drive, eat lunch, drive, eat dinner, drive some more, masturbate, then sleep....

and so on...

on friday or saturday night he might find a hooker

and once a week he might vacuum inside the cabin..

I think some of these aspects would be quite realistic and fun in a simulation and aren't going over-board like requiring him to eat candy every few hours because he's a diabetic

but i think the developers are spending huge time on maps because the game will be about driving/exploring and not about having short, but extremely realistic gameplay.

i hope they pull it off because usually the best games are the ones that are very short and limited, but everything that is possible is done well... all the ambitious games blow up in the creator's faces. worries me a bit...

hey something just came to my head. drive-thru cinemas! (movie theater).. that would be so cool. maybe they could record a video using IL-2 Sturmovik and it woudl be like a WWII movie.. or a video using Rush Hour: Streets of Moscow and it would be like the Fast & Furious

if there will be romance in the game you could take your girlfriend there for a date...

another cool idea is dogs.. truckers sometimes pick up stray/abandoned/street dogs to keep them company while they drive.. they later on let them loose again. sometimes on the new's you'll hear a dog who was lost in New York, end up being found on the other side of the country in California because a trucker took them along.

and what about the police radar's and warnings from other truckers??
do they still say "I got a coffee" to mean roger that??

oh and back on the subject of masturbating.. you should be able to buy Playboy's and such magazines from the gas station mini-mart's to get your character excited

and on the topic of calfornia's bad drivers.. while it would be really annoying having asian drivers randomly smash into your truck - killing themselves (and damaging your truck's pristine appearance), it would be cool to see other drivers punished by the police.. as would witnessing accidents between 2 (or more) civilian drivers..

-black guys in Cadillac's doing 100mph in the right lane (while drifting left and right from intoxication of drugs) should be chased by the police..

-Suzuki Hayabusa's (motorcycles) should be chased by police for doing 150mph.. street racers in Mazda Rx7's/Toyota Supra's/Corvettes too.

-the now basically-extinct Hell's Angeles on Harley Davidson's should ride slightly above the speed limit in a packs of 20's and knock the side-view mirror's off random people's cars..

-asian women should have their minivan hit from behind after they change lanes without looking

-mexican men should have their riced-out (Fast & Furious style) honda civic/dodge neon spin out after they attempt to take a corner too fast

-white guys driving classic muscle cars should inexplicably start doing burnouts (if not donuts) when the street light turns green at an intersection..

-white/black woman should instantly get super pissed-off at a drop of a hat, and start honking like crazy and stick their head out the window when anyone changes into their lane without signaling first, or for doing it less than 50 meters in front of them.

-korean guys driving Hyundai's should randomly smash into tree's and telephone poles

-taxi cabs should be driven by indians/paki's with turbans on their heads!

we need all these stereotypes in the game!!

-people in the left lane should generally drive faster.. say 80mph, while the right lane does 60mph.

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