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okay now you're just going overboard... bread crumbs are one thing, but everyone knows things like sperm and milk simply magically dissolve after a a while in video games..

where have you been? its like a fact in video games.. solid things like body limbs stay put (in a good game) while actual blood disappears after a maximum of a few minutes because it is stupid to have it remain when it slows down the game.

about the private parts.. i don't think it would be absolutely necessary, since it would increase it to a mature rating. i think we would all be satisfied with some DDR type game where you have to press the correct buttons in quick succession and if you win the level you see the white stuff suddenly splatter all over the window

lets face it a lot of truck drivers have tv's in their trucks now adays! so either have playboy or a full out porno! since its a game, they could have japanese hentai instead

but a trucker watching hentai wouldn't be too realistic

at least you should be able to play some kind of Nintendo inside the cabin.. even space invaders!

if you think it is unprofessional to talk about this, please do not be so uptight. we are laid back since we are on the net, maybe in real life it would be different.

in addition, i will go far as to say it is a stupid social norm. in the usa sexuality and the culture around it is very messed up.. and makes no sense.. but i won't even bother with that. around the world however masturbating seems to be some kind of hidden secret, despite almost everyone doing it. it's okay to have countless orgy's despite being married but it's despicable to masturbate? stupid! stupid social norm. stupid society. like i said before, if the world is crazy, lets not follow their example...
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