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Default My chips are in

Disclaimer: Not trying to flame anything. I am a super fan of IL2 and a big supporter of this game.

But I was expecting a little bit more from this US release. No big deal, I will wait patiently for things to get worked out. For me, it just runs too choppy, I have to do too many tweaks outside of the game to get anything remotely resembling SLI to work (I know nVidia has yet to release a proper profile, I'm just saying -- it's still not even close to functional), there are so many stutters and I have plenty of RAM and an SSD HD it's clear that there are some major things yet to be tackled on the engine itself (flying over land is a nightmare, and I'm sorry, to blame it on anything else but code is a little naive), and when I finally dove into a mission with other aircraft I got a lock-up and a CTD. I mean this title has a lot going on, but it's just so far gone that I feel like I just paid for an alpha version. I think I just need to step away and play some other games while things get worked on before I get too jaded.

That said, I'm still absolutely confident that this game will be GREAT when it's all worked out. Keep hustling, devs, and polish this bad boy up! You've got my total support. I was happy to pay retail price for this game and I'll even wait it out while you work on it. A backwards business model, but whatever. No sense dwelling on it now.

So while I started this post off with essentially saying this game is unplayable even after all the work I've been reading that's been done, I'm still behind it 100%. Can't wait for the next patch and the new nVidia drivers. Let me correct myself. I can't wait for the next 10 patches and the new nVidia drivers.

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