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Truthfully no. This is a game developed the "lazy man's" way. This game had potential. To be able to fire up multiplayer on a massive map, and be able to go out "trail riding" with your buddies. However the devs promised things they couldn't deliver. The game has the physics (for the most part), its just missing replay-ability. I have played through Thailand, and I'm already bored.
Without free roam, and without the tools to make this game better, this game is a bargin bin racer. Don't waste your money, but keep a watch, IF the 1C devs ever pull their heads out of their <> and end up releasing freeroam/editor tools, then by all means pick it up. In the mean time try MotorM4x, or back to Screamer.

To any game devs out there that happen to stumble across these posts. I (and I'm sure many others) would GLADLY pay $50 USD for an Off Road Sim, that has free roam and multiplayer free roam. My idea of a perfect Off Road sim is something that has good physics, but is still fun to play. Something that I can join a group of other players, and we can head out in our rigs and just.......CLIMB STUFF. Don't have to worry about time clocks, or going "out of map". Just CLIMB STUFF

I would pay $ 60 just to get the ultimate off road sim!
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