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Thanks, Banks. That chart squares very closely to what we all KNOW how a Spitfire Ia performs at sea level. The vast majority of dogfights on the ATAG Server occur well below 3000 meters, including those that start above that mark inevitably descend well below it.

For a year the CoD RAF fighters (save the IIa) have been saddled with poor low altitude performance, with the only fighter, the Spitfire IIa the only one which comes close to historical performance at low altitude (300 mph at sea level vs 290 mph historically). Yet in the face of stiff opposition by many of those who fly 109's, the IIa was either excluded or severely limited in the ATAG plane sets. Now we've been advised that the IIa will be nerfed in the upcoming patch by as much as 60 mph at some point(s) on the speed curve. In view of the Rotol and Ia information, confidence by many who choose to fly RAF fighters is very low that correct flight modelling for all three models (Ia, IIa, Hurricane Rotol/Ia) will actually be done in this upcoming patch.

All many of want is an ACCURATE representation of ALL fighter flight models for BOTH sides. The Spitfire Ia was considered a serious threat by Luftwaffe 109 pilots during the Battle of Britain at ALL altitudes. In Cliffs of Dover, the "Sissyfire" Ia is a cruel joke that has lasted over a year -- anyone who plays Cliffs of Dover doesn't need performance charts to realize that. Why can't the devs see that?????
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