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Originally Posted by 41Sqn_Banks View Post
Yes, judging from the graph the Spitfire lost pre-patch 30km/h for each 1000 m of altitude (from 530 at 4000 to 500 at 3000). At the same pace it will end up with 400km/h at 0 m (= 250mph).

Post-patch it seems to be slightly less (Maybe I just want so see that), maybe 25km/h for each 1000m. This would result in 415km/h (=260mph).

Of course that won't help much against the 460/490 km/h of the Bf 109.

IMHO the base speeds are not that badly implemented compared to historical values. However the WEP, which was historically available for the Bf 109 only for take-off and up to 1-1.5km gives the in-game Bf 109 a huge speed advantage.
I agree with all but the "the base speeds are not that badly implemented compared to historical values". The Ia's base speed of 240 mph with NO boost cut out control modelled in this game make them easy meat for 109's in the vast majority of online action. Yes, I would prefer to engage 109's above 16,000 feet but frequently there is no choice -- nor initiative -- possible in online action.

The devs must be aware of this inequity and prefer the 109's to have the overwhelming speed advantage in low altitude engagements; otherwise they would have corrected it a year ago with a hotfix. Now it's apparent that they've chosen to further widen the gap in low level performance for reasons of their own. Many CoD 109 pilots are pleased by this, but others have voiced concern at what they themselves perceive to be a deterioration in gameplay in terms of challenging opposition.

So be it.
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