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Originally Posted by ATAG_Dutch View Post
These graphs only show performance from 2000/3000m and up, whereas the previous graphs showed performance from 0m and up.

It's very interesting to note that between 3000 and 5000m, the patched 109E4 performs better than RL, whereas both the Rotol Hurri and the MkIa Spitfire perform worse than RL at these altitudes.

Please can we see graphs for the Spits and Hurris from 0m and up, so we can make a true comparison?

Many Thanks.
Thanks for these BlackSix, very interesting stuff.

Yeah it looks like that with these graphs @3km the Spitfire is 50-60kmph slower than the 109. I am staying calm because you have the flight model data for the 87 octane (6.25lbs) model of the RAF fighters which are not Battle of Britain fighters

Please refer to the bug 174 (in my signature) to get details on the correct 100 octane (12lbs) RAF fighters.

And for the punters, please upvote that bug
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