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Originally Posted by Skoshi Tiger View Post
I guess the mission designer needs to put a lot of work into the briefings for the mission to get everyone up to full speed on their individual task and the overall objective(s) for the mission sorted out. Can they display waypoints for individual flight on the mission map?
Depending on your realism settings you can see the waypoints of the flight on the map, unfortunatly this setting also shows your own aircarft on the map.

There is hope that in the future it will be possible to create user labels within script. But this feature is still bugged in the latest RC.

Just one question. Would there be anyway for pilots to alter their loadout (or is this against the essence of being in a co-op)?
There is no way. The loadouts can only be defined for the whole flight, not for individual aircraft. However that is not a big problem, typically the coop mission is designed for a specific loadout.
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