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Cool My DtS/MoT mod

Hello, all!

In this thread I will post the information about my mod for MoT game.
About one week ago (after vfs unpacker bug was fixed) I have started to analyze MoT resources.
Now there is only one global task in my plans: to move missions from original DtS game to MoT addon (I want to get 17 playable missions based on MoT engine).
In the beginning I had a lot of problems. 5 of 10 missions from DtS even weren't started. All the others have funny graphical artifacts.
But now I have good news. All missions can be started. Most of them are playable. But there are still a lot of problems.
And I decided to create this thread. May be somebody works on the same (or like this) mod and can give me useful advice

So, let's begin!


Actual version: 1.11 from 22.12.2010

A short statistic about each mission for today /22.12.2010/:
0. Training mission.
1. "Cannibal".
2. "Winter Cold". Old Strogov head for some models.
3. "Stronghold". One unsolved minor graphical problem.
4. "Hotel". Two unsolved minor graphical problems.
5. "Paycheck".
6. "Project Y". Old Strogov head for some models.
7. "8 Snipers".
8. "Die Spies!".
9. "Removal".
10. "Embassy".
11-17. MoT missions. Graphical post-effects are removed.
18. "Jagdpanther". New mission, based on "Cannibal".

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