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Originally Posted by hykao View Post
Very nice! Keep it up!
It seems some texts are missing at level-end ratings: Alarms, Headshots and the Difficulty level (and its selected level).
Hmm, now I'm see. Thanks

Originally Posted by hykao View Post
What about videos of DtS? Will they also work in MoT? And with new or old Strogov's face?
I don't know, I have removed all videos from my working folder. I'll try to test it today/tomorrow. But I'm not planning to include videos in the mod. And I have several reasons for it:
-different Strogov faces
-different movie styles
-mod size (?)

Originally Posted by hykao View Post
PS: Is there a Lenin statue in that park? I haven't noticed it!
Yes, Lenin statue guarded by the german soldier
Also you can see another historical discrepancies like Stalin portraits and Levitan voice (from radio boxes). And all these on the occupied territory
But I'm not planning to change it, because 100% historical truth is not my aim for this mod, though I'm planning to make some changes in the soldiers/officers uniform, but only after(if) the main task will be completed.
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