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The Trent War has a file 'Readme - Helpme' which also is a walkthru / help to players, the content is:


Made by Raknefne in 2018.
Creature sounds by Terroin.
Thanks to Terroin for assistance and Erkihlmarl for spellchecking.
Thanks for all the input here in the forum for balancing especially from Sirlancelot.
Testers: Erkihlmarl, Terroin and me.

Unpack Trent.rar to the same directory as your other Crossworld games, if you have steam it will be in:
...\Steam\steamapps\common\Kings Bounty Crossworlds\sessions
You should then see a new directory ‘Trent’ next to addon, champion, defender, orcs when unpacked.
To start the campaign THE TRENT WAR, change the campaign down in the right corner under ‘CAMPAIGN’ in the startup Game menu and play.

- This mod has Heroic Challenges, which is a battle against a hero in a special boss alike arena. You cannot use rage skills or retreat.
- The enemies are shown as weaker now, for instance an 'Very Strong' army could be 'Strong' in the text.
- Also, a difficulty is 1 harder than vanilla, for instance if you normally play HARD, it would equal NORMAL or so in Trent. Impossible level I'd only recommend to
those who have played the mod before. Don't think no-loss is possible. Often I use eggs in this mod for the harder fights.
- Look hard in the bushes or in the water edges for tree stubs, gold, crystals... they are often half hidden.
- Some buildings have free stuff. Others are normal, others are guarded. Free stuff buildings help the player to use creatures you normal wouldn't use.
- In general dungeons have more darker creatures like undead, demons and orcs - but sometimes dwarves and animals, mostly.

- in case you don't like my changes of the creatures from vanilla, you can just delete the directory 'Creatures' in Trent.kfs or adjust some creatures here. There will be a text issue on the creature Paladin regarding Prayer, but it works.
- in case you don't like the new creature sounds, you can delete the directory 'data' under the Trent directory.
- if you change anything your saved games probably won't work, keep that in mind. Best for new games.


Map difficulty in this order - major things to find in that map:
Jerneland Kraken Boss, 1 HC (HC = Heroic Challenge). Entrance to 1 cave. Companion.
Sprudne Islands Turtle Boss, 1 HC. Entrance to 1 cave. Companion.
Fromlen 1 dungeon will appear after a quest near the castle.
Lower Trent 2 dungeons (1 will appear after a quest for General Monsuato). Companion
Trent Dungeon Spider Boss, 1 HC.. This is huge dungeon! Companion.
Upper Trent Frog Boss, 1 HC.
Hopland 1 HC. Many small islands.
Lower Trent (Undead) You return to this place to hunt down undeads in a quest.
Krasen, Krasen Dungeon Lizardman Boss, 1 HC. Many altars with Attack, Defense, Intelligence etc.

Companions. All show their stats before joining, and most of them have changed stats:
- Janus Wopler in a random place in Jerneland. Will join you for 3.000 gold. Gives a quest for Kraken Boss if you haven't killed it yet. He supports level 1-2 units.
- Agvares in Sprudne Islands (he is in the cave). Joins for free but cost 7.000 when you release him.
- Moro Dark in Lower Trent (near portal to Upper Trent). Slay the HC in the Trent Dungeon before he will join (quest).
Prices for converting troops are more expensive than vanilla but still cheaper than buying.
- Gaudi in the Trent Dungeon. Joins if you slay the Spider Boss. He is next to the spider.
Prices for converting troops are more expensive than vanilla but still cheaper than buying.

- When fighting heroes or Heroic Challenges in this mod, checkout their information - they tell what spells they use or special abilities.
- There are plenty of buildings to hire troops from. Some are guarded, some not.
- Quest: When you slay Richard Cannonball Halsom near the cannon you get troops in the church (inquisitor, archmage, druid or rarely paladin).
Remember to check Count Bob afterwards, he will give boost when u talk to him.
- Quest: When you slay Ewert Gnarling near the water you get either Horsemen, Knight or Alchemist in the castle. And a stack of level 4 orcs.
Remember to check Count Bob afterwards, he will give boost when u talk to him.
- Quest: Find 15 sprouts: You get to buy troops from Elfvis when quest is done. They are behind creatures, chance in tree stubs/digged chests and the creature at
small island to the north where the broken bridge is. You get neutral level 2-3 and neutral/human/dwarf level 4, sometimes items/scrolls. Even without taking the
Heroic Challenge on an island to the north-east, you get more than 15 sprouts. The Heroic Challenge has 3-8 sprouts or so.
- Quest: Main quest, when you shall find toolbox in Jern Mine, you talk to the miner that usually don't want to talk, just work, but now he will talk. After buying the
toolbox for 1.000, checkout the Droid Factory in the mine, it sometimes get a teeth etc. Sometimes there are another miner in the mine that gives a few free creatures.
- Map for Sprudne Islands: Always at the islands to the north, guarded by a female hero (she uses simple spells).
- I guess Kraken can be taken at level 8-9. I could just do it on hard as level 9 paladin. It gives plenty of experience. Remember to get the quest for Kraken from
your companion Janus Wopler before the fight.

- When doing the Heroic Challenge fight you get access to a few level 5 units. The chest/treestub etc have a higher chance of goodies.
- map for Fromlen (next in difficulty) is on the elf island to the north to the right.
- map for Lower Trent (more difficult than Fromlen) is on the elf island to the north to the left with a hero.
- Quest: Missing cargo. Defeat pirates at the pirate ship and they give the cargo in reward. They will only appear after you take the quest.
A new main quest starts after this quest!! Crucial quest!
- Quest: slay hero. He sails the seas to the north. When you have done this and Missing cargo quest, checkout Brylhar for a few free creatures.
- Quest: Grot's sad love. Talk to the frog in the cave. If you spare her in the first talk and kiss her, you will get 15.000 gold. Nomatter what you choose
slay/spare, you have to return to Grot and back to frog and kill it. The area behind the main castle will open up. After you have done all 3 quests, checkout all
buildings and Brylhar for new stock. There will also be a new sea chest to the south at fish nets and in the small lake near the cave entrance (they have a bigger
chance for goodies). In general checkout all lakes, at least 2 of them opens up for looting (some of the lakes may be open from the start due to randomization).
- Agvares companion is in the cave. He also supports priests besides the normal dryads etc.
- Quest main: get skill from the monk on the elf island to the north. He meditates after you have acquired the new skill (checkout the Magic skill tree).
- The Turtle boss gives plenty of experience.

- Talking to the castle holder: If you choose to reply the first time in his language, you get 1 Bronter and 1 Woman's head.
- Quest Skeleton Body: Search the islands and dig for heads (a few can be in tree stubs, chests and wish well). Beside the skeleton head which finish the quest, you
will get Bronter, Woman and Mage heads, which will give 1 Rage or Mana, Gold or Crystals when you return to the skeleton body after the quest is fullfilled.
The main castle will get a lot of creatures (Tirex, Chosha or Highterrant, etc.)
- Quest Kill superfly: The Fly Hero is north-west of the castle in the water. You get an access to a cave next to the castle when you finish quest.
The chest behind it has a chance of units to join (Demonologist, Royal Griffin and Random neutral lvl 4). And bigger chance for items and a head for the skeleton (quest).

- 1 boat near the admiral has free stuff if you take down the guards. You can get a new boat from the admiral.
- The map in the graveyard is for Fromlen in case you haven't got it from Sprudne Islands. Else you will get an adventure scroll.
- The guard in town tells you that you cannot digup chests in Lower Trent, but there will be a bigger chance in the battlefields. Trent Dungeon is normal with digging.
- Quest about eluctrunic, turn left, on top of mountain at windmills you get an item when you talk to the guy in the building. Return to Monsuato in the main castle.
He will then open the cellar. You can return any time to the cellar. Then you can go to the king in Upper Trent who only will give you more quests when you bring
him the letter from Monsuato. You can get to Upper Trent thru the Trent Dungeon or fight the strong army at the portal to the north. You will return to Lower Trent
in a later quest to hunt down undeads armies, so clear as much you can before starting that quest (else it will be crowded).
- Quest: Dark Moro offers his companionship if you do the Heroic Challenge in the Trent Dungeon. When entering the dungy, turn left and you will find him fast. Even if
you don't want his companionship you'll get experience - you can always return if you want him.
- The Windmillmaster always has machinery for sale. The building further north in the mountains has giants etc. Sometimes the farm has 1-2 giants too. The church in
the graveyard has priests, inkvisitors, archmages or other magicians (random).
- The graveyard has an increased chance for goodies in the graves.

- Gaudi will join if you defeat the spider which is about in the center of the dungeon. The spider is a easier than vanilla.
- There's some randomization - next time you play, the dungy is a little different. The exit to Upper Trent is in the north east corner. Easiest to walk along the left
border when you start from the portal from Lower Trent.
- Heroic Challenge to the south-west near portal from Lower Trent.

- You can get a new boat from the admiral to the north east. He also has a few creatures for hire. The farm to the north has free stuff if you defeat the guards.
- Quest about frog. Talk to the bird in town on top of the well. He will NOT teach you to fly. The frog is easier than vanilla.
- Quest with Martha next to bridge south of castle: Clear the garbage in the moat.
- Quest undead armies for kill proofs: In general the king will only give you quests if you have a letter for him from Monsuato in the Lower Trent castle (you need to
help him with "eluctrunics"). You go to Lower Trent to get kill proofs from the undead armies that now walks. There are 8-9 armies. They all give a kill proof - you
only need 3 for the quest, but you get +2 Mana/Rage or +1 Att/Def/Int depending on your class for each of them. Return to the king with them for the rewards. The king
then opens a portal for Krasen. This is the only way to get to Krasen which is the last map.
- Quest from king about witch that "caused" the climate change: She is in the south-west corner of map. Just fight her.

- your answer to the man in the castle (3 choices) results in what race you can hire in the main castle in the last map, Krasen. Also results in a fight/no fight
with him.
- Julner: it can be a little hard to find all 3 chests that are digged in soil.

- the 2 lighthouses are well guarded, but if you bring beer to the dwarf on the small island to the north, the guards will vanish. Take beer from the Admiral near
the harbour, walk thru the Krasen Dungeon to the small north island. If you talk to the dwarf again he will give you some eggs. You can ONLY get the the north
island thru the dungeon. It is NOT a mistake that you cannot get there by sea (I have made blocks, so it should be visual enough).
- you will end the game when defeating the lizardman boss in a cave to the west. He wants kill proofs before you can fight him. You can get the kill proofs from
humanoid armies, even before visiting the boss for the quest. Not all humanoid armies give kill proofs, but most.
- boss fight: he is weaker than vanilla, summons different type of creatures: Gorguana, Brontor, Worm, Tirex, Gorguana2, Highterrant, Bear, Ancient Bear,
Hyena, Demoness, Demon, Demonologist or Cyclop. Biggest chance for Gorguana.
- a lot of creatures have rewards with high experience altars or altars with def/att/int to improve your chances at the boss.
- The boss K'Ego has been tested on the normal difficulty only, but in case it is too difficult on impossible, it can be reduced in strength in your current game.
We haven't tested it on impossible, since there haven't been much respons in the 1C forum on testing, so I won't test it on impossible until I one day feel like
playing the game again. I have tested the Trent half way thru on HARD, Errkihlmarl tested it all thru on NORMAL.

Random now. Big chance of getting all 5.

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