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A tester Erkilmarl who played it thru to the end wrote:
Originally Posted by Erkilmarl View Post
So, now I’ve played the new mod through. I think it is so ready as a game that there isn’t much to say about any changes apart from the details I’ve mentioned. It is a tough game, even at normal level, which corresponds to about hard level in the original game. I did do most of the final island, but perhaps there the difficulty step upwards may be too much at hard and impossible levels.

Landscape building is very good, I didn’t get anywhere above ground the feeling that I had seen this before in the original game, except perhaps for the final island, which was built from the same material as the lizardfolk island in the original. Already in Crossworlds it was the island I liked least. Hopland was familiar to me from another mod, but it has ideas and features that Katauri never used.

The mod is relatively short, which is a good thing, since KB games are long. I’ve played them for hundreds of hours, but I rarely play to the end after I’ve once seen that it is possible. Years ago, there was the talk that WoTN isn’t as good as Crossworlds and that Darkside was even worse. It is a pity that we now have a new and fresh game made from the Crossworlds material, Trent War, that is as good as the Crossworlds was, but nobody seems to care.
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