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Default Having CTDs with several new (4.14) maps

I posted this over in the "4.14.1 Patch Observation" thread but I've gotten no response, so I instead created a separate thread for it in the hopes that I could actually get some help with it. Anyhow:

I updated using the update patch that allowed updating directly from 4.13.4 to 4.14.1, and most of it seems to work fine (for now, anyways; I'll update whenever necessary). However, a couple of maps seem to have some problems:

When, on the Full Mission Builder, I selected any of the Battle for Donbass or the Battle for Moscow maps, the game would quickly CTD, and I'd have to restart the program. The other new maps included in the patches don't have this problem.

Did I do something wrong, and/or is anyone else having trouble? I haven't noticed anyone else mention it here (yet), so I thought I'd ask around for help. I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter!

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