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I agree.

I, too, use the priestess only as a reserve unit unless I need the reinforcements. I use the other slot for experimentation with various units as with the dragons, this slot can be anything and still I'd kick ass.

With the orc, I don't even need the damage spells. The distortion and order magic that don't do this are all that's necessary as they don't need high intellect to perform. Call to Nature is also as valuable to him as to the Demoness and Vampire. Spamming blur(I could do avenger as well, but mana cost)gets old fast. The other spell medal was easy as pie to get to level 3 as most of it's spells were very useful anyways.

Other things hard to see:
1. any slot in the demon type arena that resembles fire pits. Can't see traps, where to put demonologist demons, or ziogyns well
2. Demonologist demon summon spots in the Gremlin Tower areas. Hard as hell to see(and I'm legally blind for pete's sake). I like using the Demonologist there for healing and the fact it's normal attack hits towers pretty hard. Just use level 3 creation on him and he can heal anything.
*After around level 37 on all 3 characters it seems you can beat any gremlin tower scenario with no loss. Some take longer, but that's all.
**I wish Gremlin battles actually counted as real battles. Ever notice this? It doesn't count towards Alchemy sets or battles for items that give you runes after a certain # is reached.

As to AoE creatures, you suggested scoffer imps. What about Giants? I haven't really liked them much.

Useful Dwarves:
1. Mechanic- Very useful for it's ranged attack/blind and extremely useful for it's 2 slots to summon droids. Plus, they can be replenished with creation
2. Chemist- healing bottle is useful as well as it's fire and poison. The healing bottle works on Black and Ice dragons and dragon riders
*I feel Ice Dragons regular freeze attack should hit both the target and one behind it just like the fire based dragons

Ideas for evil creatures:
1. Wyvern-in fantasy tend to be opposite to Griffins
2. Lich- a Healing undead unit

Ideas for neutral creatures:
Elementals. We have fire(don't really like it) but air, earth and water elementals could be fun.

You seem to like using the rage abilities. Play the Orc and get it's Rage Mastery skill up. After it's at 3, out! Leveling up the rage after that is easy.

I feel which just a couple more addons each, they could divide up the orc and goblin into separate races.

I'm hoping they're saving lizards for expansion.

The music in Dragandor sounds like the Danny Elfman music from Batman: The Animated Adventures.

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