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Default Exploit (Spoiler) - But I need advice

Here is a major exploit for this game. This is so bad that I stopped playing:
Get a mage hero and focus on increasing intellect, mana, and leadership (in this priority order). Learn chaos magic and destroyer (level 3 each). Don’t let initial sprites die in your army. Get spell “Sacrifice” (level 3).
Get an army as follows: Inquisitors, sprites, barbarians, marauders. The fifth one can be almost anything with speed >1. I use evil beholders or royal snakes. Level up Lina to get “Charges” spell summoning 4 charges (2 mana and 2 rage) and lower its casting cost.
In most battles if there is at least 1 enemy with speed<3 which is not able to cause any damage to units that are 3 hexes away then single out this unit and keep it alive. Do not let it attack (use spell “slow” if necessary). Kill all other enemies as quickly as possible. I use fireball. At this point the single enemy unit can’t do anything since I am able to run around and around, while I use the inquisitors to get infinite rage over time, which gives infinite mana. Use this mana to sacrifice barbarians and marauders to get more units of the other 3. Use marauders and spell “phantom” to search all bodies. Use the extra rage to cast charges or other rage spells indefinitely, which earns experience for the members of the rage box. After about 200 rounds my army is very strong; mana, rage, experience, gold are high. Very boring to do, but this makes impossible level a piece of cake to win. There are obvious variations and can work even earlier in the game, with less efficiency. This is a fun killer.
Does anyone know if the King's Bounty: Armored Princess also suffers from this exploit?
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