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Yeah, one must add that I'm a very patient player. Have always been in all games. Sometimes I take it too serious with the "perfect play". I don't play anything but no loss campaigns and I make sure I do everything to pull that off, even with Karador, Xeona, Baal and Haas. Whereas Haas is always a pain in the ass, more than Baal and that already is.

I also spend 40 rounds in battles against gremlins, keeping only two Friendly Gremlin towers alive to boost my ranks after a rank-up (Viscount, Lord etc), sacrificing Vampire Bats and Ancient Vampire Bats standing next to the towers to drain life out of what they summon every round ^^
Or with whatever Dragon or Demon Summon and let Poison Rain after Poison Rain fall on them and the Tower summons (not too often or the Tower dies, too ^^) with magic spring on them.
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