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Good choice. I have a GTX460 1GB (upgraded from a 9800GTX) and I am happy with the card and it was a big step up from the 9800GTX. Even though it's slipping down the performance list I'm happy running at 1680x1050 with the sliders on medium to high.

My original idea was to pickup another 460 and go SLI (Who would need more than 1 gig of video ram?- famous last words!!!!), but from peoples posts it would probably be more beinficial to get a newer card with more ram. When the developers of COD and ROF recommending a single GPU card over SLI/Crossfire, unless your building a system for other games that handle SLI better I'ld give it a miss.

Now this could all change with driver support and future patches so waiting may give you more option IF you can put up with the low settings.


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