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Originally Posted by marcastel57 View Post
After some months of practicing I am going to try online gaming. The problem is that I like to fly a lot of I ask you, is it allowed to join more than one group, and in opposite fields? Of course I'll start with one, but I'd like to have the chance to try also something else.

P.S.: Please don't say that it's typical italian to want to hold one foot in two shoes
Hi Marcastel,

Be sure to install Teamspeak3 and come on the ATAG server. We have separate Red and Blue channels; you're welcome to switch back and forth to try out RAF (red) and LW (blue) aircraft as much as you like.

Introduce yourself to the other fliers on your chosen channel -- we're a friendly bunch. Shoot me a PM if you need more specifics, I'd be pleased to provide the info you want.


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