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Ati can have higher clocks. I run mine not as a ghz edition. I run it on 1,3ghz watercooled (1,2 to 1,25 generally possible with air cooling in most cases). That adds another 10 - 15% increase to the ghz edition benchmarks. A little tweaking of the vram, dual bios usage and possibly (hopefully) a new bios from another card manufacturer would do another trick! Google 7970ghzedition with 12.11 driver vs 680...

Quick search on google for english language: Never saw tgis test before btw, but alsi shows the comparison of other cards.

Please note: general oc potential: 680 = 10-15% and 7970 ghz edition = 10-20% (due to higher stock clocks) and other 7xxx series 20-30 % --> That shows another advantage to ati. And the vram interface gives this the rest for the 6x series!!!

And when we come back to topic "2560x1440 res" and additionally talking about a game, which demands fast vram + enough vram + a fast vram interface, we do not have to discuss, what the result is! Streaming engined games would generally run better with fast interfaces, if the textures are high detailed. For all other games a 384bit interface is oversized, but good to have (just think on cry engine, which is currently the engine to beat in many topics -> my personal favorite as it has a lot of potential in different genres and looks great).

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