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Default Spitfire taxi troubles for beginner


I have decided to jump in at the deep end and learn with full realism.

After downloading Fleas excellent checklists and watching umpteen YouTube clips, I can now start the spitfire. Sort of. I have created a simple mission.

Nothing fancy, a cold start, take-off, a few waypoints and a landing. Now as a beginner I’ve hit a strange snag.

(latest beta patch BTW v1.04.15866)

When I start moving, (release wheel brakes), I start to drift to the left out of the hanger and cannot turn right towards the runway. With full right rudder I go straight ahead! Is this the wind+torque?

There is also a grinding noise like I am dragging something metal behind me. Are there chocks in place by default? How can I taxi to take-off if I can’t turn right?

My axes are okay and in the external views, all control surfaces are doing what they are supposed to do.

Its something daft isn’t it?
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