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Cool HOMM3 Babies Mini-Expansion Beta now Available for Download!

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Babies (HOMM3 Babies) Mod / Micro / Mini Expansion Pack for King's Bounty: The Legend

Created by: Matt Caspermeyer (

You are free to use any part of my work in your projects so long as you give me credit.

The download link is provided at the bottom of this post.

Please use this forum topic for posting comments about the mod.

I'd like to keep this topic for just updates and change lists.

The current change lists are incomplete, but are located here:

Click here for *.ATOM list
Click here for *.LNG list
Click here for *.TXT list
I'm not sure when I'll have the *.LUA change list and updates to the above lists updated, but I've been providing a change list with each update recently.

  1. This mod is not compatible with any other mods since I've most likely modified a file that another mod uses.
    1. You will need to remove all mods from your King's Bounty: The Legend "mods" folder before installation of this mod.
    2. Ensure that the "mods" folder exists, it is typically located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Company\King's Bounty\data\mods
      1. If the "mods" folder does not exist then create it below the "data" folder using the path above as a guide.
  2. Extract the MOD_H3B.KFS file included in this archive to the King's Bounty: The Legend mods folder. This file includes all the changes and works with both the EN*.LNG and ENG*.LNG English localizations.
    1. This folder is typically here: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Company\King's Bounty\data\mods
    2. If the "mods" folder does not exist, then see note 1.2.1 above.
  3. Run the game:
    1. Start a new game to play!
    2. It is not recommended to continue your current game, please restart.
    3. For your first play through:
      1. Please do not use any cheats (i.e. Save Game Scanner, etc.)
      2. Please do not use with any other mods (probably won't work anyway)
      3. You'll be able to experience the mod as I intended it to be played.

  1. Simply delete the MOD_H3B.KFS file from your "mods" folder.
  2. Done!

  1. This mod was developed using the Gamer's Gate V1.7 version of King's Bounty: The Legend.
  2. I have not tried it with other versions.
  3. This mod uses the English localizations using both the "eng_" and "en_" prefixes for the localization files.
    1. Other versions may have other prefixes and so you may be able to get this mod to work with your localization version by changing the prefixes of the *.LNG localization files.
      1. The *.LNG files are located inside MOD_H3B.KFS and contain both EN*.LNG and ENG*.LNG (both file sets are identical so either may be used as a baseline).
      2. Simply rename *.kfs to *.zip and extract files if you wish to attempt this (or if you use 7Zip, then just right click the KFS file to extract its contents).
      3. Currently, you're on your own if you want to get it to work with a different localization, but if you'd like to help with localizations in your country then please let me know.

Issues / Bugs:

Since this is a beta release of this mod, it is quite possible that your game will crash or you'll find bugs in this mod. I've done my best to ensure the highest quality experience possible, but invariably I cannot check everything. If you do find issues, please provide me feedback on any issues that you are having with my mod so that I can make improvements and make your playing experience more enjoyable.

If you have any problems during play, here are some pointers:
  1. If it is a game crash, note which action caused the crash.
  2. If the game appears to lock up, ALT-TAB back to Windows to see if there is a pop-up.
    1. If there is a pop-up window, note the message and then click OK to proceed.
    2. After you click OK, the game will most likely crash exit to Windows.
    3. If the game does not crash after you click OK, it is highly recommended to quit your game rather than continue since behavior may be strange.
  3. Save your game often just in case!
  4. If the game locks up when you cursor over a child or item, there is a misspelling in one of the templates:
    1. Note which child it is when this happens
    2. Contact me and let me know which child it is and I'll correct the error
    3. I hope we've found all these errors!
  5. Try to load from a save game and see if it still crashes in the same spot. If it crashes in the same spot, the only hope I have of resolving the issue is for:
    1. You to provide me a savegame.
    2. Provide me the exact steps to repeat the crash.
    3. Without these, my chance of resolving this issue is probably very slim.
Crash List
  1. I've had crashes with a failure to allocate more memory a couple of times. Note that I have not seen this problem in Windows 8, yet, but I haven't had really long (like 8-hour long playing marathons) sessions so I'm guessing this bug is still there.
    1. The solution is to reload your most recent save game and simply continue.
    2. Let me know if you see this problem, but currently I have no idea how to resolve it (I probably would need 1CC or Katauri Interactive's help with this one).
    3. This problem seems to exhibit itself after you've been playing a long gaming session (it seems like I run into this after playing for several hours).
Bug List:
  1. Damage causing effects (i.e. burning and poison):
    1. If an AI unit is killed by a damage causing effect and if the next unit to move is another AI unit, then their damage causing effect is skipped if they have one.
    2. I worked and worked trying to fix this bug, but to no avail.
      1. I'm pretty sure that it is a bug with the game itself as I don't think they intended for damaging effects to kill units.
      2. As such, I don't know how to fix this bug, but if you have any ideas then please let me know!
If you notice any other problems or issues, then please let me know!

It is my intent to make this mod as bug free and enjoyable as possible!

  1. As this version of the mod is in a beta state, there are still changes that are being done; however:
    1. The mod is stable enough to play the game completely through - enjoy!
    2. Every change has been checked at least once, but I'm in the quality assurance phase rechecking the code.
    3. I'm currently play testing the game with a Paladin.
  2. At this stage, changes should not require you to restart your game - simply install the new files and continue playing.
    1. Changes will be focused on editing data files (i.e. *.ATOM, *.TXT) to improve game balance and user enjoyability.
    2. New features can still be added, but only if they are really good ideas!
  3. Updates will most likely occur on a monthly basis depending on severity and other factors.
  4. Once the quality assurance phase is completed and sufficient feedback is garnered, the project will transition to the release phase.
  5. The release phase will have all features properly implemented and all controllable bugs fixed.

  1. I've made many changes under the hood that only modders or code aficionados would notice.
  2. I've added comments where warranted to the areas in the game that I've changed, but not everywhere.
    1. Feel free to look at these comments and provide me feedback if you know of a better way to implement something.
    2. Certain comments have the word "HACK" where I did not know how to do it a better way - once again if you know a better way to implement this feature then please let me know!
  3. I've unified many *.LUA functions (i.e. like SPELLS_POWER.LUA) so that they all use the same bonus system, etc.
  4. I've made common functions for dealing with redundant code.
    1. The original *.LUA files had lots and lots of redundant code.
    2. I've replaced most of the redundant code in the *.LUA functions I've edited to reduce error and provide code consistency.
  5. I've beautified the sections of the *.LUA files I've changed to make reading the code much, much easier.
  6. The changes I've made really form the basis of a new code base from which you can create new mods.

Copyright Issues:
  1. This work contains images from the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game and those images are copyrighted.
  2. The picture for Orcelyn Ordy I found via the web, but I have not been able to find out who created that source image.
    1. If you have any information about who created this picture please let me know and I'll give credit to the author.
  3. I created all the new ability icons.
  4. All of my effort is being freely distributed to the public domain.
    1. Please give me credit if you use any portion of my work in your projects - thanks!
    2. Feel free to use this code base as a starting point for your own mod!

  1. Thanks to all the people posting in the King's Bounty forums, especially those with modding tips!
  2. Thanks for trying out my mod and providing feedback!

Alpha Testing Phase Complete!!!

Thanks to:
  • Fatt_Shade
  • Erkilmarl
  • saroumana
For providing comments that proved invaluable during the alpha phase!

/C\/C\ Matt Caspermeyer

Get the latest version here!

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