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Originally Posted by alejulian View Post
When I start the game it stops at 50% for about 3 minutes. I got a profiler output here (seems related to a close() method on a SFSInputStream object):

I tried logging but there is no information other than the visible delay between two messages (10:26 and 10:29):

Is this a known problem? My OS is Windows 10 x64 1803, and IL-2 Sturmovik from Steam with latest update (4.13.4).
Looks like a problem with the graphics, are the drivers installed and what GPU are you using ?

Also create a folder on your hard drive eg: C:\IL2 1946
Copy and paste the v4.13.4 game files into there create a new desktop shortcut and run the game from eg: C:\IL2 1946 instead of the steamapps folder.

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