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Originally Posted by Storebror View Post
Q: Who cares?
A: ...?

How should such mod be stock compatible?
You could ask TD to implement it in the Stock game though.
It's not that hard, Sita knows me and he knows he can get sources, he just needs to ask.


Q: Is this mod compatible with Stock IL-2?
A: No.

Not sure what point your making
That's from your own FAQ's you posted in the SAS link above.

The OP is using the stock game so any replies should be related to that to save any confusion.

I'm sure there's plenty of mods that should/could be implemented,
but how many are affected by this issue versus time compiling and testing the "sources" with different graphic set ups etc.

v4.14 is on the way and the infrequency of updates and new material
the OP will probably have moved on to other newer flight games/sims by then.

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