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Hey there!

Just wanted to check back in and tell you about some of the stuff I've been working on in the last few months.

Overall I have focused into making the Prestus Corporation Design a bit more interesting, creating their Homeworlds one by one gradually. The E-Templars also got some sweet GFX improvement.

But to be completely honest here, there nothing too much exciting to really tell you guys about, I have been working on a LOT of smaller things, and only working on the bigger things the lowest amount of time. I do hope it will still redeem itself due to the details Im working on, like a new module called IndustrialWolves which will be an Addon to BaseBuilding extending the ability to farm asteroids, claim them and go to war with other factions for them. They of course aren't just any normal asteroids, they are "Resource Asteroids" which spawn around the universe in random Systems with random positions AT NEW GAME START, so it will be a new experience each time you replay the game.

Enough of that, let me just tell you here that I've been on Pause with the Development of Expansion Mod for most of the time, actually. I have had much more fun Modding other games meanwhile, like the indie game "Duskers" on steam (Check it out!), I plan to Release a Modloader for this game, which I think is really cool since there is no way to mod the game as of now without my Modloader. After testing phase is complete (one of my friends helps me with it) I'll be releasing it on Reddit and on the Steam forums for the Game. Kinda excited about that...

I also do have another Project going for the game called "SCP: Secret Laboratory" which is another small Unity Indie game, which I also have modded very Heavily, so heavily in fact, that I made a completely Revamped Modloader just for it, since its a MP Game I had to squeeze out of every bit of IO Performance I could get out of it. I got so into modding it that me and my group of friends most likely have the most popular Server in there out of all, just due to its Modded Serverside settings. To anyone wondering about the Servername: its "DankMemes Network [Playercount]. Funnily enough the Game itself did not support Playercount in the title until I made it possible with some Public Binaries, meanwhile we aren't the only server which uses them, and I think its very cool other people enjoy my work, and to actually SEE that while browsing the Serverbrowser is something entirely else than im used to.

I think its a really great experience to show my work to so many people at once, even in Multiplayer in a game thats very fresh and well alive.

I guess what I want to say is that, I'll most likely continue to have a Pause on Expansion Mod until Im done with that Game, and then.. we'll see. I actually would like to slowly start working on the Expansion Mod again, but I don't want to get out of the Code I've written for SCP:SL too much, since its a really complicated cluster of code overall. I have never worked with Threading , UDP Protocols at all, not even in such a huge combination of them, this was needed to achieve good performance while integrating more and more of my Modloader to the game, but also other things.

This may seem like a huge textwall, but in the end, all I want to say is that the Development of Expansion Mod is on hold, until im satisfied with these Projects I mentioned.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your Patience, for those who are still left around here.

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