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I shot the guy in the interrogation room before the prisioner came in. Then I hide his body next to the door, so that no one could see him once the door opens and the prisioner gets in.
Then, the prisioner enters the room and I close the door. Now its me and him in the room.
Then, I ask him to follow me but don´t leave the room yet. Now I watch the patrollers in the corridor/hallway, one guard is marked green and the other right. So, once these two turn right, I open the door and run like theres no tomorrow and just pass by the two guards that came with the prisioner (who is just running behind me). I opened the door and went straight forward, where the last door was (the one with the stairs).
By now I haven´t shot anyone yet but now I draw the pistol and kill the two guards in the stairs, just where you need to get to pass the mission.
There you go!
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