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Default Almost done with Legend... What next?

I bought Legend, AP, and Crossworlds as part of a Steam sale last year.

I've been playing Legend off and on, with decreasing frequency. Right now I've just started Demonis, and am not really interested in adventuring further in this area. Perhaps it's the dark colors, the fireballing, the teleporting and swapping of troop positions, or the constant running back to the first continent to replenish troops that has made this later part of the game seem very tedious, frustrating, and un-fun.

Maybe I need to ditch my human army in favor of a demon army. Maybe I need to invest in learning more spells. Maybe I need to do some side quests to beef up before tackling this area. Maybe this, maybe that. The point is, for a very casual and occasional player like myself, Legend's challenging late-game content is not very enjoyable. It would be nice to finish Legend, but I have no sense of how close I am to being done with it.

I enjoyed the early parts of the game, however. Not as much as Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (which I loved), but still more than HoMM 4 or 5. The early parts of Legend had a nice innocence and simplicity. I enjoyed the overall linearity as well. I wish the whole game could have kept that vibe. But once the undead and demons got involved (which I suppose is natural for late-game material), the fun-factor diminished.

So right now I'm thinking about abandoning Legend and starting Armored Princess, so that I can go back to enjoying early-game content.

My questions:

1) I've read that Crossworlds includes the same campaign as Armored Princess. Does this mean I should start the Crossworlds campaign and skip Armored Princess?

2) Which is easier (and more fun): the Armored Princess or the "expanded" one in Crossworlds (which I assume is called "Orcs on the March")?

3) What is the easiest character class to play in the Armored Princess campaign? I want something that can handle mid-to-late game areas with minimal running back to town for new troops. I played a knight in Legend, so wouldn't mind trying something different.

4) How often do you overhaul/change your armies? I played almost all of Legend using the traditional human/knight armies. I did this because Heroes of Might and Magic favors "pure" armies over mixed ones, and I knew where to find humans in near-infinite supplies.

5) Does the early part of the Armored Princess campaign have a similar "light and easy" feel, like Legend did? Or does it start off more difficult and/or gloomy than Legend?

6) Does the Armored Princess campaign have the same late-game difficult/gloomy/grindy feel as Legend? Does it last as long, or is it easier to push through to get to the end?

7) How close is Demonis to the end of Legend, anyway? The game seems to keep going and going and going...


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