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Not quiet forum, just all this questions are already answered in other parts and treads.
1) Crosworlds IS same as Armored princess with added quests/units/items and so on. Basically if you play Ap, you`ll miss some things new in Cw. But if you start Cw you`ll have full Ap play with a bit more difficult orcs race and some new content. Go Cw.

2) Ap is easier. If start both games on same difficulty lvl, Cw is more challenging to finish.

3) Warrior have easiest start because high lds, and highest rage inflow so you`ll have large army and stronger rage skills then other classes to help you in the beginning/mid but later in game only amount of dmg done by units will rise, and gamestyle is almost same. Mage will have most difficult start due to low lds, weak rage skills, and almost no spells because he need to fast lvl up mind skills to use them. But in mid/late game mage will have interesting play with lots of battle strategies (high dmg spells, mass buff/disable, support unit spells and so on). Pala is in middle of other classes - jack of all trades, master of none. For me most dull class, but some ppl love her for free resurrecting solo stack builds. Your choice.

4) Depends what you want in game. If you play for fun, and find interesting items/sets to boost certain race or unit type you can change as often as possible to test that build. But there are many players that start games, than scan save file and look for certain units/items/spells available on start and plan their game on results (solo stack plays, high int mage 80+intellect is goal, 100% crit archer army, Shrek builds, high moral builds, etc ...)

5) Start in Ap/Cw is harder then Legend i think, due to limitations of available things and only 3 islands to visit before you gain access to Verona and higher number of units/items/spells ... After that it`s turning point in game and ussualy ppl make their decision what to do build , it`s about 20-25% of game.

6) Grinding depends on your playstyle. If you change army often and your tactics it wont be boring. But if you keep same thing for 300+ battles, ofc it will get mind numbing, but if it`s your decision to finish game in one particular manner, why complaining on it. On other hand there is some challenges/builds that finish game as soon as possible : 14 fights end game, lowest lvl hero end game ...

7) You can get to Demonis right after coming to dwarf lands, go to underground lake, and fight across narrow pass to demon world gate. I manage to get there (with kiting) on 11 lvl and scout whole demon realm. Or you can go as developers planned : dwarf lands, elven islands then demons, and then back to elfs and orcs.

If you like Legend, try this mod , i liked it and it`s done with lots of effort with low error count.

Good luck, have fun
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