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Thanks for the reply!

2) Ap is easier. If start both games on same difficulty lvl, Cw is more challenging to finish.
So, for a casual player as myself, do you recommend I play the vanilla AP campaign? Or does the extended campaign (Orcs on the March) offer enough fun-factor to offset the increased difficulty?

3) Warrior have easiest start because high lds, and highest rage inflow
I didn't use rage at all during The Legend. I never figured out how to use it, and it never seemed necessary. Of course, maybe rage would have helped me push through the undead and demon areas faster... but I guess I'll never know!

As for magic, I used some spells in The Legend, but not nearly as often as I did with the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Maybe if I had something like Mass Slow or Chain Lightening I would have been more into the spells but, I just had some basic spells which didn't seem to do much. I wish there were a predictable way of getting higher level spells, like in HoMM (via magic towers). But I guess that's the charm of KB: the lack of predictability and symmetry.

Mage will have most difficult start
I will be playing on the easiest difficulty level. Will Mage still be tough in the early game? Or is it only on harder difficulty levels that it's a real challenge. I don't really want a challenge; I'm more into the exploration!

7) You can get to Demonis right after coming to dwarf lands
I'm already in Demonis, and have done the other areas you listed. How close to the end game is Demonis (when taking the developers' intended route)?
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