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Hey, thanks.

I just finished Legend! It was actually pretty easy from Demonis through the orc area to the end. Just a bit bleak. I think I was more like 95% done, at least in terms of play time.

I now look forward to starting the Armored Princess campaign. I think I'll do the Orcs on the March.

One thing that annoyed me about the last part of Legend was the need to run all the way back to the main base in order to refuel troops.

Of the 3 classes in AP, which has the least need to refuel specific troops? Which can most easily grab a mix of troops from whatever castle is nearby, and use those troops adequately? I'm guessing if mages do a lot of spell-based damaged, their troops don't matter as much, but then again, mages can't buff the troops like a warrior can, so the troops will be wimpier on defense, and therefore die faster.
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