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Default cant see elements

I am new into men of war, after look at some video tutorials i am trying to make my own maps, but i have found the following trouble:

1st. i can open the editor and i am also able to choose the mapĀ“s size.
2nd. i am able of editing land texture and also highs, no problema with that.
3rd. And here comes my problem.
I can select any element, but when i try to put them on the map, left click, i cant see them.
When I click right and then make a box select, all I can see is a light blue circle with a line, which i suppose is the facing of the inserted element, but I cant see the element.
This is happenig only with terrain elements, i mean flora, rocks and so on.
Whit human and vehicles I dont have this problem, as they show in the map ok.

Could someone point me a solution to this?
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