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Default Suggested Fix for TB-3 Single Mission

In the official “TB-3 Late” mission, four of the six U-2VS will go crazy and crash every time. At first I thought this was an error in the U-2VS flight model or something, and hoped it would be fixed in 4.14. But I now know it is actually due to them being set to attack specific targets instead of having the GATTACK waypoints positioned correctly to suit the use of the U-2VS as level bombers.

My suggested fix for this requires two lines to be changed in the .mis file as below:

For U-2VS Wing r0101 change the GATTACK waypoint from:

GATTACK 131162.75 106602.24 600.00 125.00 83_Static 0 &0


GATTACK 130662.75 106642.24 600.00 125.00 &0

And for U-2VS Wing r0102 change the GATTACK waypoint from:

GATTACK 130937.11 107136.32 600.00 125.00 89_Static 0 &0


GATTACK 130437.11 107176.32 600.00 125.00 &0

This stops the crazy crashes and means the U-2VS flights will drop their bombs near their original targets, but not so accurately as to make them the stars of the show. By my interpretation I think that honour is meant to go to the TB-3 in this mission.

As usual I post this here in the hope that the fix will be included in a future patch, but individuals reading this post may use the fix themselves in the meantime. This fix works equally well for 4.13.4 and 4.14.
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