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Originally Posted by Space Knight View Post
Also, ever played HoMM games? I discovered the series several months ago, and, as a KB fan, I couldn't help but like the game. If you didn't, maybe you will like it too, since it's similar to KB in certain aspects (especially battles and units) and some parts from KB were inspired by it. As a side note, the 3rd installment is the best, the fifth is pretty good too (with expansions), but the 6th and the 7th aren't that much (their community is almost non-existent, since Ubisoft knows how to destroy game franchises).
Yep, I know the saga quite well. Heroes of M&M 3 was my last installment, though. Very good indeed, but I got tired of the mechanics eventually. I think I'm probably more attached to Age of Wonders, specially to Shadow Magic.

The battles from Heroes are simmilar to the ones in KB, yet I find the latter much more varied, complex and inmersive.

By the way, until KB 2 comes out, have you tried The Trent war unofficial campaign for Crossworlds or Matt's mod for the Legend? I recommend both without hesitation. The first overhaul enemy heroes AI (among other things), and Trent War is simply too well designed and balanced out to overlook (moreover, I put my grain of salt on it myself)
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