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Originally Posted by Sirlancelot View Post
What version did you play with? I don't remember so many places where the lack of painting felt weird or annoying.

I agree about the islands area, though. That part is full of details.

Epicness is overrated for me. I'm tired of it. You have tons of games with such a tone.

On the other hand, on my book, balance is key. The absence of dominant strategies, the unpredictability and real challenge mean all much more to my taste. I play on Impossible, by the way.
I play on impossible, too (first time was Normal, the rest Impossible). One of the places left unpainted were on some sand island arena, on the dino island (and man, every time a "cutscene" played, I was always seeing that part; however, I turned animations faster later on). I'm not exactly referring to "epicness" (just couldn't find the word for it back then), but more to the feeling of the game, of the visuals, etc. Just like some guy said, even though you give him a game that is well-balanced and well-made in terms of strategy and other stuff, if the visuals and decor aren't good at all, he might not even play it. Now, I wasn't saying Trent looks horrible, only that it should need more attention in several (visual) areas, especially Lower Trent and starting isle.

And about the balance and strategies (and all other stuff you mentioned), that is still mandatory. I never said I didn't really care about that. Only that I also like to have very nice visuals (one of the reasons I chose HotA over WoG for HoMM3). And nowadays, there are many games that just tend to become more grey, more darker in terms of graphics. HoMM7 without color-enhancing mod is all just a sea of grey-toned colors, and let's not even talk about Diablo 4 (I never played any of the Diablo games, but one of my relatives did). Even KB2 lacks that amazing UI, replacing it with a grey-toned Xbox game UI, a thing that I dislike.

Anyway, I've gotten a little off-topic. I'm sorry for confusing you with my epicness . That's not what I really meant. And balance and tactical part of the game are still a big part (but in KB they really exist, Trent too), but it's always really nice to include good decorations when making a map or anything of sorts, in my opinion (one more reason why HoMM7 is pretty bad; let's not forget the awkward animations). But again, it might not have been the creator's strong point, so I don't blame him (I think it's him), even though the adventure map was relatively well made.

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