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Default Sound Problems - English Version

I've emailed tech support on this but wanted to post here also to try and maximize the help I can get on this game.

If the postings I've seen here indicate that sound problems have been resolved in the English version - then they are sadly mistaken. I installed the game for the first time today and I am having huge issues with sound.

I get sound OK when I start a new game and it works thru the FMV opening and partially into the game. But eventually the sound goes away and is replaced by an extremely annoying buzzing sound.

The sound patch on the website will not install and I only get a unreadable message when I try and run it. I downloaded the patch from two different locations and both give the same result. I also ran DX Diag and had no sound/driver issues there.

I did have an issue with checkered textures but that problem was cured by an install of the latest nVidia patch and a reboot.

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