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Hi James,

I have been using the precision X module for some time but I use it differently from what you seem to want to do (I use it to limit my FPS for smoother game play).

At the top of the Precision X screen next to the exit button you will see two cog wheels, click on that and it will open another screen where you can select and do your setup.

I use mine in conjunction with nvidia Inspector as I am using SLI and the code supplied by Luthier and the now absent team. On the main Precision X screen you will see all the options for adjustment of your card(s), just remember to select apply after making adjustments. If you use the on screen display you will see the results of any changes you make (this makes use of the riva tuner module to give you the on screen display). You can select different units like temp, FPS, %, etc. Any changes you make will show in this display so you can change them back if they have adverse effects. Pushing the performance up on the graphics cards doesn't always have positive effects, sometimes the exact opposite. Temps rise and the life of the card is degraded. Experiment slowly, don't push the limits too quickly, little bits at a time.

Hope this helps.


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